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Finding Your Path to Leadership Eight Actions to Shorten the Journey

Marketer August 2015

Future Look: 5 Essential Skills for the New Marketing Department

Changes in client preferences, competition, communication channels, and technology are reshaping the modern marketing department. While traditional skills are still needed, a new set of essentials is upending the status quo and redefining value. Are you ready?

3 Steps to Mastering the Art of Storytelling

My Uncle Bill knew how to tell a great story. His secret: an instinctive ability to zero in on precisely what his audience most wanted to know. By drawing his listener into the story – and connecting the narrative through your experience, he made it personal and memorable.

These same skills can be put to work when we communicate in business. One of the most frequent challenges is to convey achievements on a project completed or a technology applied.

Getting Started: Keep in mind the one irrefutable fact about communicating to any audience. The audience isn’t necessarily interested in someone else’s story. Whether the format is a presentation, proposal, project description, web site or byline article: They are far more interested in their story. So we all need to be more like Uncle Bill and make it theirs by keeping it personal, brief and entertaining. [Read more…]

Differentiate: Compete on Your Distinction Not on Your Fee

“So tell me about your firm.”

This simple query should be seized on as an opportunity to convey your company’s distinct expertise, or tell a quick story illustrating firm strengths. Yet sadly, the opportunity is missed. Most responses are confusing at best, and mundane at worst.

Why the big miss? Firms spend very little time discovering what makes them stand out, and why this distinction matters. Consequently, they struggle to convey a clear and differentiated message.

Absent any clear differentiation, the client assumes sameness among competitors, and this sameness makes it easy to shift the focus to fee.
[Read more…]